I am a self-taught frontend developer passionate about solving technical challenges and providing an enjoyable digital experience through building well-designed, interactive user interfaces.

I enjoy sharing what I've learned on Twitter for #100DaysOfCode and on my blog. I write about web development, UI design, and self-growth. I hope to provide value to other developers by publicly sharing what I build and learn.


During my final semester in college, I discovered my love for crafting interactive user interfaces in a computer science class called Elements of Graphics and Visualization. Creating games like Tic-Tac-Toe, animations, and 3D graphics fascinated me and left a lasting impression.

Later I started working at small companies using GIS (Geographic Information Systems), Python, and SQL to analyze and visually present data on web maps. The web maps allowed businesses to evaluate their assets and make informed decisions. Realizing the impact of visual interfaces on crucial business choices and love of developing interactive components, I found myself drawn to learning web development.

After three years in GIS, I transitioned to web development as a junior software developer at Yammm Software, where I built custom software solutions for clients with JavaScript. Then I worked at Kyodo Studios on the Yaju World NFT project and focused on creating an enjoyable user experience on the website using React.